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The RAPPLON® flat belt range can be made endless by using one of two methods:

  • Classic Splice
  • QuickSplice


ea-sports-fifa-online-games-free,This traditional splicing method involves skiving both ends of the belt and the application of an adhesive.

The strength of a classic joint (wedge skive) is close to the belt strength thanks to skilled and experienced staff. In order to achieve well prepared classic joints, you will find all needed tools including instructions for the whole process in our portfolio.,handball-dream11-team

RAPPLON® Classic Splice tools

Classic Splice


The QuickSplice joining system (finger joint) in combination with our joining tools guarantee quick and safe endless joining without the use of any adhesives. Resulting joints are highly flexible and durable.

  • Allows for quick and easy on-site splicing
  • All tools fit in one easily portable case
  • Set comes with heating pliers with adjustable temperature settings
  • Our splicing technology produces consistent thickness over a perfectly straight joining area
  • Safe joint, perfectly aligned, everybody can splice
  • Reduce downtime - increase uptime

RAPPLON® QuickSplice tools


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